Magnum Opus:



Via, veritas, vita

(The way, The truth, The life)




















Book 1 - Peace

Section 1 - earth

Section 2 - energy

Section 3 - personal growth

Section 4 - networking

Book 2 - War

Section 1 - what war?

Section 2 - who?

Section 3 - how?

Section 4 - why?

Book 3 - The Fight


Section 1 - skinpupp's fight





































A.1.1 Animals and humans are a part of the earth

A.1.2 Disrespecting the earth = no harmony = ultimate sin.

A.1.3 Worship the earth and everything on it. The earth creates everything. God is mother earth - it gives you life and can take it away.

A.1.4 Angering Mother Earth will cause our own demise. The signs of her fury are present now. We are not invincible.

A.1.5 Everything is connected. We are a part of the whole. (I am a part of a tree and the tree is a part of me.


A.2.1 Energy is infinite; it is ever changing and never dying. There is more energy found in a pound of hey than in a pound of meat. The same is true for nutrition sources

A.2.2.a The universe (Supreme Gods) has provided unlimited sources of energy that has no adverse effects on the environment. Use these or your own personal energy as much as possible.

A.2.2.b Fossil fuels are energy, but use sparingly. Do not anger Mother Earth.

A.2.3 Respect your own personal energy and learn to tune into it and harmonize with it.

A.2.4 Energy flows through al forms of matter. Energy is one force in many forms.

A.2.5 We are what once was and we will be here in the future. (The old adage "we are what we eat" seams to fit here.) The energy inside us is in our consciousness and our souls. Food is energy and there is a release of energy in death.

A.2.6 We do not really die; we only change into a different form of energy.

Personal Growth

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A.3.1 Keep in touch with your own personal being. Meditate daily.

A.3.2 Be active in yoga. This is both self-healing and a self-diagnostic tool. It keeps your energy flow in- line.

A.3.3 Clothing is unnatural and throws your PERSONAL ENERGY PATTERN (P.E.P.) and your personal growth off. Wear clothing only when absolutely necessary. (Protection from the elements and social demands.

A.3.4 Natural remedies are highly suggested. "Man - made" chemicals can throw off your P.E.P. Only use modern medical chemicals when absolutely necessary. Make sure that they are not derived from animals.

A.3.5 Personal happiness is a major key in your P.E.P. Learn how to make yourself happy, and achieve inner peace.

A.3.6 Maintaining the happiness of others maintains our own P.E.P. There can only be a synchronization of P.E.P.s that can benefit all.

A.3.7 Only through a total animal free diet can we truly be in P.E.P. We tune into our body's thoughts and signals and we will not get false signals that are found in animal flesh and by - products.

A.3.8 By being in harmony with our P.E.P. we can connect to the flow of energy we have ingested. This flow is a sign of spiritual awareness.

A.3.9 Personal harmony = vegetarianism = earthly harmony = personal growth, networking, and converting the non- - believers.

A.3.10 Wear only natural fibers and consume only natural foods - if at all possible from your own garden. Use only non-chemical and humane means of controlling pests and insects. Support organic local honey farmers. Bees pollinate flowers therefore you can survive.

A.3.11 Respect your fellow animals. They are a key to your own survival. Keep your Eco - systems alive and in balance.

A.3.12 /give back to the earth. Give a part of your food to her by burial, fire or by a means you personally see fit. This thanks the earth for the food and energy that she has provided for you.


A.4.1 We can help achieve earthly harmony by networking with other vegetarians or borderliners and teaching them the gospel. Only by achieving this can one hope to survive.

A.4.2 Joining and being ACTIVE in the pilgrimage including converting others to the V.W. is part of inner spirituality.

A.4.3 After a year of being on your pilgrimage it will be time to start your quest. You will take this quest as a VEGANER KNIGHT. Joining the ESPRIT DE CORPS ROUNDTABLE and the values that you will maintain as a knight will be explained when it is time for your quest.





What war?

B.1.1 We are at war! It is the war to end all wars. It is the war of personal values. It is the war to fight over- population of animals, then the slaughter of those animals. It is the war against needless torture and vivisection.

B.1.2 This war is a war of words and actions. It involves speaking up and acting out. This religious war is constant and violent. The more people believe I and follow my basic principals, and teachings, the better the chance the war will be won before mother earth destroys us all.


B.2.1 We are at war with the scientists who use animals to experiment their drugs on. We are at war with the drug companies who pay money to these scientists, and uses animals and their bi-products in the manufacturing of these drugs.

B.2.2 We are at war with the ranchers, governmental agencies, dairy industry, fishermen, hunters, and others who cause death.

B.2.3 Commercial, governmental, organizations and all other promoters of death and cruelty of animals send a false image and brainwash the masses into the false beliefs that consuming torturing and killing animals is good for them.



B.3.1 We can not be passive. Fight for your beliefs and your religion. Actively voice your beliefs and fight for the earth and the animals that live on it.

B.3.2 When people question your beliefs turn around and question their beliefs. Ask them why they murder animals and belong to a religion that supports that and worships man. Show your faith and convert others to follow you’re your beliefs.

B.3.3 Get angry at the industries! Write letters to restaurants, grocery stores, and food distributors. Tell them that you want (more) vegetarian items on their menus and in their markets. Supply = demand.

B.3.4 Write Government officials and let them know that the animal slaughter industries and animal experimentation industries are cruel and wrong. Voice your opinion and act on your beliefs.

B.3.5 Act on your instincts. If you must fight for your beliefs, DO IT! Don't allow animal suffering related conferences to happen in your hometown. Picket them; show the world your beliefs.

B.3.6 Picket and write letters to the advertisers and media outlets. Let them know about your religious beliefs and values. Tell them why promoting the death of animals is like promoting genocide.

B.3.7 Picket the industries themselves. These are concentration camps and go against the laws of nature. Fight them in every way. They are enemy number 1!

B.3.8 The above statements are also true to any industry that abuses animals. Some examples are rodeos, circuses, bullfights, and horse racing to name a very few.



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B.4.1 All basic beliefs of harmony and energy rely on the earth to be in perfect harmony. This won't happen until the mass murder and mistreatment of animals has stopped. Every animal that is murdered and/or mistreated means that a part of you has done the same.

B.4.2 Religions that are based on the good of man and socitiey create false ideologies and place a veil over the powers of the universe. You can not believe in these deities and expect your P.E.P. to be in harmony. Focus your mind on the energy of earth and respect her.

B.4.3 Only by standing up for our beliefs and fighting for them can we expect humankind to survive. Mother Earth will make us all extinct otherwise.


The Fight



The following chapters are stories, articles, testimonies, and whatever else of fellow Veganers. This is a living and growing book, with energy of it's own. Please check back often, as this will be added to periodically. This text is spiritual and inspirational and helps your P.E.P. and your personal growth.



C.1.1 I wanted to tell you why I decided to "create" this religion and the personal roads I took to be a vegetarian.

C.1.2 I became a vegetarian later in life than most people I think. I had thought about doing it since I was 16. I thought it would bee too hard especially since when I was 13 I had decided that my career of choice would be a cook. As time went on, I felt in my guts stronger and stronger that meet eating was not good but did not do it until the age of twenty and that was only red meat and pork.

C.1.3 I went into the Navy at 20 (in 1993) thinking that I would be a cook and the Navy would prepare me for working on cruise ships. Some of my most vivid memories were working in the kitchen during "service week". I saw countless pounds of meet being cooked off and served. They either boiled the meat off in 80-gallon steam kettles, or in huge ovens that are larger than most kitchens. If you are a cook you will understand the following "tech talk". The ovens were a rotisserie type and could fit six sheet pans on six or eight different levels. I would like to share with you a personal poem that I wrote while there. I'm sorry if it sounds lame and everything, but it was the only way that I could express my feelings at the time. This poem refers to the meat being cooked in the above ovens.

C.1.4 They sing the sorrowful song of death.

Their mouths are open.

The victims, they are unmercifully put in,

The fire burns, The sprocket turns.

Sounds of death crackle and pop. Fluids quickly dissipate as they hit the metal.

The sounds of death will never end,

The mouth opens left to right.

Burnt flesh stench fills the air.

Their souls still scream out.

Mutilated bodies that once was theirs,

They do not claim anymore.

The death songs cry out in respect for the dead.

C.1.5 This three months was my stepping stone into vegetarianism. Then in 1995, I stopped eating chicken then in 1997 I stopped eating fish and dairy. I t was a process of steps and each one was hard. Now I am in the thinking of how can someone eat that.

C.1.6 I am a hypocrite! Although I am a vegan, I still work in a restaurant that serves meat. I have the availability to make specials and soups and stuff, so when I do specials, I include a vegetarian one. This way people have an option! It sucks to work with meat, but feel it is a necessary evil, and that these are the steps I need to take to ultimately own a vegetarian restaurant (not a café or sandwich shop, but a full service restaurant.).

C.1.7 I was born into a Mormon family and went to church until 18. Then I tried the Christian thing for a year and felt nothing. Why should I believe in something that wasn't there? So I stopped going. It wasn't until I saw George Carlin on the "John Stewart Show" (I think) and was talking about his personal beliefs that something finally clicked. He said - "I am a part of a tree, and a tree is a part of me" Well, that stuck with me and struck me profoundly. His religion was Animism. A religion based on the planet, not some man made deity, I finally had something to believe in. I only know the basic beliefs of animism and there are many forms of it but I wanted to incorporate it into my own personal values and vegetarianism.

C.1.8 This religion is based upon my own personal values and is very open in a lot of areas. That is so you can incorporate your own personal values into this belief structure. That way the religion feels more personal. I don't want to force my feelings of right and wrong on everybody. That is for you to decide. Follow your heart, and what your energy force tells you, and you will make the decision that is right for you.


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